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Lake, Wallpiece, 43 x 35 x 5 cm, 1998
    The sculpture is not carved, chiseled or cut out. It is applied rapidly using a masons hawk and trowel. The three dimensional relief artwork begins to take shape within a few minutes as the materials begin to harden. Additional material can be added to make changes or adjustments, allowing for more depth and detail to the sculpture. The finished sculpture is usually not painted, but left natural to give it an elegant look.
   This sculpturing technique can be applied to new or existing concrete block, rock board, insulated walls as well as other commonly constructed walls with slight adjustments such as attaching wire lath which acts as an armature to hold it securely to the wall and prevent cracks.
   Three dimensional relief Wall Sculpture can be applied to either outside walls or inside walls simply by adjusting the materials used to endure the surrounding conditions.