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Price Sheet

What type of wall will it work on?

Typical size and setup

Exterior A. Concrete Block (Unstruck is best) B. Stucco (Over block or wire lath) C. Frame (Wood or Metal) D. Poured pre-stressed concrete Interior A. Sheet rock B. Rock board C. Green rock D. Frame with wire lath
Who draws the original design? I do the design drawings A. Reason: Not all art is suitable
for sculpturing B. Submitted designs can be adjusted
to be sculpture How is the artwork transferred to the wall? Grid System A. All walls are scaled B. Scales and grids guarantee transfer of proportions What is the price? Price is calculated by square foot A. Detail can affect price B. Preparation, equipment & travel can also affect What is the procedure? I work with a simple contract A. Includes parties in agreement B. Includes agreed upon price Payment considerations? Long term projects A. May require several payments Short term projects A. Payable upon completion Guarantees? Standard One-Year A. All wall can be repaired B. All materials highly durable